John mason (cab collective)

"I can't wait for right now"

John has spent the last 3 years playing his way around the world with nothing but a ridiculous sense optimism and his guitar "Grace". 
What I love most about performing and writing music is how it always finds a way of bringing people together - John.

Armed with with two solo records set for release in 2020 he now has a wealth of adventures and experience behind him an ever playful outlook on the world and already is receiving an incredible response from his debut single Right Now. 

These last  three years of chasing his guitar and his music have seen John perform in renowned jazz clubs such as Ronnie Scotts (UK) and the Basement (AUS) on bar tops in the Tahoe mountains (US) and on Volcanic creators in New Zealand. Beach shacks from west coast France to Island paradises across south east Asia. Festivals including Livestock and Belladrum (UK) Music City North (Toronto) and living rooms and basements in the depths of Canadian winter. All of these adventures made purely off the merit of "Grace" his Guild Guitar. 

As a solo artist John's songwriting has evolved from years of fronting the "eclectic stadium rock" of his band of musical brothers in CAB Collective.

"CAB Collective appears as an organic extension to John's raw and powerful songwriting. Heartfelt musings on life and love are thought provoking and sincere, accompanied by a real prowess on the guitar that keeps his sound fresh and exciting". - Balcony TV

Let us realise that WAR is a business! That WE have become the commodity, the product and the largest resource. 
Profit is a dirty word, people are killed for profit and needlessly die from its symptoms.
It literally means : to take more than you give.
The solution is easy ; "be the change you want to see" and treat yourself as a friend.