1. All Bottled Up

From the recording Time To Think "EP"

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All Bottled Up

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Believe me dear
This bottle was the cause
I drank with stubborn cheers
Chased away my sober thoughts

Hmmm now I'm heaving
Cus I'm still healing

Your sunken footsteps leave
Pressed against the floor
Whilst I taste the dirt
And drink some more

Oh it's gonna be lonely
Without your warmth inside my bed
Much too lonely
So I'll turn back to the bottle instead

We have both felled victims
Truth has played its part
Well I've had enough of you
To have had enough of love

So it's gonna be lonely
But there's a better man I'm sure
So lonely
And I swear "I couldn't love you more"

Oh I should have loved you better
Oh I couldn't love you anymore

So don't forgive me dear
For the problems we've caused
My mistakes were clear
At least they led me away from yours.