1. Love Letters

From the recordings Chasing My Grace and Love Letters

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Love Letters

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Let's keep pressing send
To feed this crush
Are we more than friends?
I take my leave but we’ll keep in touch
'Cus you're in awe of me you said

We kiss away all those lonely hours
With giant steps climbing church bell towers
This is better than sex and when my hands are far
How your body aches you said

Your in awe of me
And I’m not just in love

Your in awe of me
And I’m not just in love

The hardest thing to learn
Is how to love again
As if you were never hurt

My ink may bleed and my paper is rough
I don't know if you will read that I've considered enough?
We’ve both broken hearts with broken trust
You mean more to me than just to fall in love

I'm waiting for your head to know what your body feels when we're alone
I'm waiting for your heart to trust
So I can give you more than love

The greatest thing you’ll learn
Is how to love again