From the recording Chasing My Grace

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Brightest Nights

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My father set the stage
With the innocence of blame
Led me from another courthouse where he stood
To watch me fail again
His words became the wind
I drown my fears
Like a drop becomes a wave and whispers in my ear

I get the darkest mornings after the brightest nights
I hate the logic that leaves our love behind
I make this foolish wish that I could press rewind
To take my truth to you when we had open minds

Well you loved me like no other
You loved the other side of strength
I’m not battling my mother
I’m fighting with the ghost that took her place
You see I’ve learned to use a language and I inflict it on myself
Every glass I’ve shattered is a sharp reminder hanging from my dusty shelf
And just one drop will become the wave

I sleep in because I’m savouring the light
In my darkest mornings I forget about the time

Behind the flood lit curtain as my fingers start to move
My impatience is a virtue
The crowd that stands around you
Hopes I’ll never loose